Monday, December 3, 2012

Shoes that Repell

First and foremost, I just discovered Trendtation, which is like twitter for fashion blogs, find out the outfits that are trending and where each piece is from. It is great! This is also where I found this picture. Now on to the good stuff. I want, need, DESIRE these shoes. Not only are they fancy and fun but they repell as well as my good friend does over there on ManRepller for more reasons than one. Lets just say the slight resemblance to horse hooves and the bells and whistles are enough to scare off any dude. Regardless, I hope to find them under the tree this year.

Pink Panther

from here!
It's December people, and I'd like to declare Pink the new color of the month (red and green are getting old). I'm seeing lots of pink these days lady, baby pink that is, and I could not be more into it. A few years ago a bought a pair of wide leg ZARA pinky/salmony pants at a vintage store and I have never looked back. My original plan was do what all those other bloggers due, post pics of myself and how I would wear the pink pants, but on second thought we better look at some other peeps first. The only thing worse than a fashion blog with shitty self-style pics is....well, nothing is fuglier than that, so I spare you. Enjoy!

Questions I ask myself after making this post: How do bloggers all have photographer friends that follow them around? Who has the time for this stuff?
What are you into most, all pink outfits or seperates? I'm thinking, go big or go home.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Style Translation: Las Artistas

My wonderful and very talented roommate Mary Campbell's (center) art gallery opening was 2 weeks ago. We are all artists in one way or another...with words, crafts, paints, needles, food..and it is so great when we get a chance to celebrate someone's work and see what they have been doing all term. Things I like about this picture- the amount of circle scarves, side bags, boots and colors! Muah, te quiero Mary Pancakes!
EDIT: check out some more pics from her gallery opening and her tumblr here!

Free Pea

One of my all time favorite brands Free People and their lovely December video. Pretty model, pretty clothes, pureee glee! Enjoy and tell me what you think about the brand?

Catalog Credits
Model: Lily Donaldson
Photographer: Chadwick Tyler
Hair: Shin Arima
Makeup: Deanna Hagen
Artwork: Lizzy Janssen
Video Credits
Shot By: Thomas Northcut
Edited By: Swell

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Style translation: Diesel's cooler younger sister. My cousin happens to work for their marketing and linked me to this cool little movie, which is romantic, wonderlusty and quirky. I think it is time for a trip to Italia!!

Style Translation: graduation

One week until I finish my undergrad, anyone else feel like this?!

Style Translation: Ola Para Siempre

"When in doubt paddle out"- Nat young

Easier said than done my friend! Style translation, welp, not everyone can be a natural-cool-surfer-beach- babe (see my attempt below) especially when you are just learning. But thanks to Ola Para Siempre, translated to Waves Forever, our boards can be awesomely covered and trendy and we can be one step closer to surfer-babe!

Photo cred to Ella H. Gummer! I tried people, I was cold and overcast...c'mon. Stay tuned for some more Peru surfin' this January!